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“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

― Art Williams.

There is nothing more devastating than putting so much effort into an assignment or studying like crazy for an exam, only to find out a month later that you did not succeed in passing it. This has happened to me twice, and needless to say it was heartbreaking to see that dreaded word on my results page :”FAIL”. 
The first time I failed an assignment I was a first year. To be honest, I was more offended than upset. I had convinced myself that my standard of work was suitable for a level 8 college course- how wrong was I! Looking back now,  it was possibly the best wake up call I could have gotten. It was then that I realized my standard of knowledge and diligence would have to be improved big time! So I took the repeat assignment in my stride and redid it, fortunately passing it when the repeat results came out the following August.
Fast forward to second year: I was a year older and wiser (so I thought!) I put a lot more time into my assignments, making notes on lectures we had that day and rereading them ensuring I understood them. When I had to do assignments I ensured I put my best effort into them, the same with written exams. I had notes, Post-its, flashcards and podcasts to help me remember everything I needed to. Sadly, when I received my exam results (when my boyfriend and I were on holidays in Bulgaria!), I was devastated to see another fail result staring up at me from my phone. I genuinely thought I had put 100% into these exams, so it was yet another wake up call that I would have to up my standard yet again! I knew I needed to really sit down and spend every spare moment repeating these and putting my best effort into them, so I savored my remaining days in Sunny Beach and then worked on the repeats the minute I got home.
It’s not easy spending the whole summer reading articles and stuck into a computer for the second year running! 
Now I am in third year and needless to say I am a bit apprehensive regarding upcoming assessments. I spend my spare hours  during the day and evenings doing work to ensure that I don’t fall behind and that I have sufficient time to revise coming up to exam week in May. I go to bed exhausted and count down the hours until I can have an evening to relax during the weekend. All I want to see in June when I open my results is the word “pass” repeated over and over! During my summer, I’d love to be relaxing with all my midwifery books packed away ready to be used again in 4th year! When I wake up during the summer months without the dreaded thought of spending the whole day redoing an assignment or studying for an exam, that’s when I know that the permanent dark circles under my eyes during the academic year will have been worth it! 
Fingers crossed history won’t repeat itself again this June..
Thanks for reading! 

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