A lot of people have something about their body that they’re conscious about. Mine would definitely be my skin! 

Ever since I was a young child I’ve always suffered with my skin, from dermatitis to eczema, and psoriasis to candida. You name it I’ve had it! 

About four years ago I attended a woman who specialised in alternative health. She did multiple tests on me and confirmed I was reacting to a multiple of foods that trigger my eczema,which included sugar, dairy, cheese, mushrooms, wheat and vinegar for example. I also had high sugar levels. I never realised how badly I ate until she told me! I had to completely cut these foods out along with others as they were what was triggering my skin. It was such a tough few months giving all those foods up, my skin began to flare up as my body was burning out all the sugar and my hair thinned and I lost so much weight! It was tough but worth it. 

When I returned to the woman she confirmed that my diet was working and my sugar levels had dramatically decreased and that I could slowly introduce the foods back. Foods like dairy and wheat were fine and my skin tolerated them in small doses, but when I ate cheese and mushroom my skin reacted so badly! Mushrooms made my skin blotchy and itchy and cheese caused me to get awful hives which have caused scarring on my legs, adding to my self consciousness of my skin. But as time and a lot of TLC has passed, I’ve managed to create a routine with my skin, knowing what works and what doesn’t work and what foods to avoid (needless to say sugar is impossible to give up completely!). Thankfully too my hair has managed to regain its natural thickness! 

Hopefully in my next few blogs I’ll be able to elaborate more about how I manage my eczema and about my routine. Also if anyone has any questions regarding skin care please comment and I’ll try my best to help! 

Thanks for reading! 



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